Seat-Layout of TG.S.R.T.C.

The Corporation has ear marked seats in buses for ladies, physically challenged, MLAs/MPs, Senior Citizens, Presidents of Mandal Parishads & ZPTC members etc. The layout diagrams of each type of bus are shown here.

  • 1. MLAs/MPs:4 seats in all types of buses, 2 berths in sleeper coaches.
  • 2. Ladies:40% seating accommodation i.e. reserved for exclusive use by ladies in all city, Pallevelugu & Express services

    a. City:40 % seats in the front rows behind the driver's cabin.

    b. Pallevelugu:1st to 7th row seats behind the driver's cabin (21 seats).

    c. Express:1st to 7th row seats behind the driver's cabin (21 seats).

    d. Deluxe:1st to 2nd row seats behind the driver's cabin (4 seats).

    e. Super Luxury:1 st to 2nd row seats behind the driver's cabin (4 seats).

  • 3. Physically challenged:

    a.One seat at the left side row of the front entrance door in case of city services.

    b.One seat on the left side first row is reserved for the physically challenged persons.

  • 4. Senior citizens:

    Left side two seater row behind the seat allotted to physically challenged persons in all types of buses.

  • 5.Presidents of Mandal/ZPTCs of Mandals:

    If the four ear-marked for exclusive use by MLAs/MPs fall vacant, these seats will be allotted to presidents of Mandals / ZPTC members on second preference basis. The Layouts various Types of Vehicles are given below. Please click the links below to view the Layouts.

Garuda plus

Garuda Plus

Garuda plus interial

Interior of Garuda Plus



Rajadhani interior

Interior of Rajadhani

Super Luxury

Super Luxury

Super Luxury interior

Interior of Super Luxury



Deluxe Interior

Interior of Deluxe



Express interior

Interior of Express



pallevelugu interior

Interior of Pallevelugu

Semi Low Floor A . C

Metro Luxury A.C

Semi Low Floor AC Interior

Interior of Metro Luxury A.C

Metro Deluxe

Metro Deluxe

Interior of Metro Deluxe

Interior of Metro Deluxe

Metro Express

Metro Express

Metro Express interior

Interior of Metro Express

City Ordinary

City Ordinary

City Ordinary interior

Interior of City Ordinary