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1. Pickup and Drop upto 200 kms contract (One way):

Type Permissible Seating Capacity

Tariff per KM

 Mini Pallevelugu
Rs. 51.00
Rs. 90.00
Rs. 103.00

2. Bus on Contract (200 Kms Minimum)(District Services):

Type Permissible seating Capacity Tariff per Km including Toll fee in (Rs.) Running Time Waiting time Charges (Rs.) Minimum Chargeable Kms
Mini Pallevelugu
30 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 200 Kms
30 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 200 Kms
30 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 200 Kms
30 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 300 Kms
Deluxe (RJD Modified)
30 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 300 Kms
Super Luxury
30 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 300 Kms

Rajadhani AC (Metro Luxury Modified)

40 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 400 Kms
Rajadhani AC
40 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 400 Kms
Vajra AC
40 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 200 Kms
Vajra AC
40 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 200 Kms
Garuda Plus AC
40 Kms/Hr 300/- per Hr 400 Kms
For reckoning the waiting time, an average running time @30 Kms per hour will be calculated for non-AC buses and @40 Kms per hour for A/C buses for the actual distance and the balance period will be treated as waiting time rounded off to next half hour.

3.Hire Charges for City Services (City Ordinary, Metro Express & Metro Deluxe services)(SLAB RATES):

Time & KMs City Ordinary(Rs.) Metro Express / Metro Deluxe (Rs.)
6 Hrs for 90KMs 6,500 7,200
8 Hrs for 120KMs 8,100 8,800
10 Hrs for 150KMs 9,700 10,400
12 Hrs for 180KMs 11,100 12,000
14 Hrs for 210KMs 12,900 14,000
16 Hrs for 240KMs 14,700 16,000
After 16 Hours, hire charges for 16 Hrs Plus @15KMs per Hour & Rate per KM
City Ordinary Metro Express Metro Deluxe
Rs. 62.00
Rs. 67.00
Rs. 67.00

1. Caution deposit amount shall not be collected from the party.

2. Permit Fee @ Rs. 435/- (non-refundable).

3. The Bus on Contract Service charges @Rs.900/- (Non-refundable).

4. GST component for all services: GST without ITC @5% (CGST-2.5% + SGST 2.5%) levied on the BoC amount + waiting charges + permit fee + BoC service charges.

5. 1% Bank transaction charges on total amount

6.The above per Km tariff for District services are including Toll Plaza charges.

7. In case of city service BoC, upto 50 Kms radius bookings, no Toll Charges shall be collected. For the city type BoC's booked for destinations over & above 50 Kms, the Toll Plaza charges @ Rs.5/- per km shall be collected.

8. In case if the BoC service does not pass through Toll gate, the appplicable amount will be refunded to the hirer

9. Cancellation : In case of cancellation of BoC, the cancellation charges which shall be deducted from BoC amount paid by the party are tabulated below:

Amount to be deducted
More than 48 Hrs before the departure
a) If BoC amount is below Rs.10,000/- Rs. 500/-
b) If BoC amount is above Rs.10,000/- Rs. 1000/-
c) From 48 Hrs before & upto 24 Hrs before the departure time: 10% on BoC amount subject to a minimum applicable as per (a) & (b)
d) From 24 Hrs before & upto 2 Hrs before the departure time: 30% on BoC amount




  1. TSRTC does not take responsibility for any delay/damages caused due to break downs, accidents, mechanical failures etc., when a bus is given for Contract.
  2. No over load shall be allowed on the bus given for hire. In case of any over loading, fare shall be charged additionally by issuing ticket for each additional passenger separately for both UP & DOWN journeys
  3. Inter-State Border Tax and Parking fee (if any) shall be borne by the party.
  4. The party shall be responsible in guiding the driver on the route.
  5. The party shall not in turn hire out the bus to others.
  6. The KMs operated by the hire bus will be taken into account from the Depot and back to the Depot.
  7. The timing shall be reckoned from the time the vehicle goes out of the Depot till it reaches back to the depot.
  8. There will be no peak and slack season tariffs
  9. A fraction of hour shall be treated as next half hour for the purpose of calculation of time/charges.
  10. A concession of 10 % in total hire charges be allowed for the educational tours of the students studying in Government, Government recognized institutions (In this case BOC online booking facility is not available). They have to contact nearest Depot Manager with required certificates for availing the concession.
  11. No Reservation Fee will be charged.
  12. Postponement of journey is allowed only for one time i.e., prior intimation of the same one day (i.e., 24 Hrs before Journey time) in advance.
  13. The Upgradation or down gradation of type of service booked for BoC is allowed only once upon payment of applicable charges.